Scopus Image helps Non-Profit Organisations to bring projects to fruition by coordinating media presentations with strategic aims.

NPOs are always passionate about what they're trying to achieve, but need help where key skills are not on board. Our expertise lies in understanding your needs and translating them into print, video, website and grant applications.

NPOs often suffer from 'help' that comes in for one stage, and then leaves when the expertise has been deployed. Scopus Image is with you for the duration. We help with:

  • clarifying the idea and how to sell it

  • building the project strategy and the business case to secure funding

  • building the media and advocacy campaigns

  • producing video, publications and websites

  • managing stakeholders

  • planning implementation

  • bringing the project home

  • reviewing successes as a basis for sustainable development

  • We tailor our methodology to suit you. Our approach is to mix and match our skills and our variety of approaches to meet each individual NPO's needs. We are as happy to work 'top down' - starting from the idea and working it through - to 'bottom up' - figuring out what we can achieve with a given budget.

    We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss if and how we can help.

    Miriam Anati
    project development, advocacy and communications
    Peter Tomkins Peter Tomkins
    Pamela Lubell Pamela Lubell
    editorial director
    Mandie Winston
    fundraising for non-profit sector
    Denis Mashkewich
    design and programming
    Nancie Prud'homme
    human rights lawyer, research & consultancy
    Larry Mindel Larry Mindel
    management consultant

    We are a team from diverse backgrounds with a common aim: to make things happen.

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